Sure it’s raining but it’s not bad enough to stop me from going out for a walk.

Night time walk by Rice Village.

📷 Such a nice find. Not even that far from home. 🌺

😎 Sunny Holidays to all! 📷 I don’t think I’m wintering right. 🤔

Walking around during the fall. It seems like one day it’s chilly and the next it’s humid. Wondering how long until we get a proper winter here in Texas.

It’s not that exciting, just a picture of the ground, but I like the textures of the fall.

The doggo and I go out there looking for some color.

🌳 I found this beauty on the next block over. I’m afraid my iphoto does it no justice. 📷

Different day, different angle, same tree.

Dear neighbor, I must apologize but my dog thinks this is a command. I have tried to not walk by your place but you’re right across the street, if I walk long enough I am bound to come by your yard. I have tried pulling her to the next yard or rush by but inevitably she obeys the sign. I make sure to pick it up every time.