There’s more park beyond the fence.

Strolling around Downtown Galveston. Saw the US National Bank.

I Read a Book the Other Day

And I realized it was the first book I’ve read in a number of years. To be more precise, it was the first physical book I’ve read in years. Most of my book consumption has been on Audible (which some people tell me is not reading) and Kindle. If I had to guess, I’d say 2/3 or maybe ¾ of the books I’ve read in the past few years have been audiobooks.

I don’t know if reading a physical book makes a difference in the long run but it did feel like a familiar yet something of an out of time experience. Anyways, I’ve heard 2 audiobooks since then. It’s just so hard to beat the convenience of listening to a book while doing chores or working out.

📷 Visited Old Town Spring this morning before most shops opened. It was a beautiful morning in a cool little town center.

Right around the corner, walking around right before sundown.

The weekend is starting off on the right foot.

Is this thing on?

At least I can still see downtown from an angle.

Looking for resources to learn Javascript. So far I’ve been reading up on MDN and w3schools then trying to deconstruct small scripts in Drafts and Scriptable. It’s a fun project to do on my spare time.

A quick snap before the light turns green.